1) Ads are purchased in four-week blocks.

2) Download ad space descriptions here.

3) Our pricing breakdown:

HEADER: $125 per ad

200 x 700px (150ppi)

Located at the very top of the Theatre List Page

POSTER: $30 per ad

225 x 400px (72ppi)

Located just below the Header on the Theatre Lists page

SQUARE: $40 per ad

400 x 400px (72ppi)

Located right of the text body on the Theatres List page

LIST BANNER: $20 per ad

1200 x 300px (72ppi)

Located within the Theatres List itself, one ad every six rows.

SPECIALTY AD's:  Contact us if you're thinking about...

  • Buying more than one ad at a time
  • Buying ad space more than 12 weeks out of the year
  • Want to learn about Video & Slideshow Ad spaces
  • Interested in our ad design services
  • Have any other pricing or layout questions  

4) Contact us to check the availability of your desired space and dates.

5) We'll respond quickly and get your ad posted!


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