put butts in seats.

Let's just be honest. You're producing live theatre. 

Chances are, your marketing budget is... modest.

We get it. And we can help. 

Here's how...


We call them visitors, you call them audience.

The Nashville Theatres List is ranked #1 on Google for almost any search related to "Nashville theatre". and that's because we are, first and foremost, a resource for theatre people in the Nashville and Middle Tennessee area. Of the thousands of visitors we get each year, almost all of them live nearby and are interested, not just in "live performance," but in theatre specifically. Our visitors represent the people statistically most likely to buy tickets to your show: Theatre People. 

Simple as that.


Unlike other arts and entertainment websites where every square inch is cluttered with unrelated articles, ads, and flashing gifs, we take an artistic pride in the aesthetic of our site.

We intentionally keep the number of ads low, the ad spaces large, and the layout simple, so you'll always have space to fully communicate your message, and never worry about your ad being overlooked. Likewise, here, you'll never compete for space with concerts, national tours, galleries, resartaunts, cinema, TV, Netflix, Google Ad's, or anything that isn't related to local theatre being produced in and around Nashville.


How does $20 sound? Per month.

We have ad space priced for the marketing budgets of real-world working theatre companies. So, pay your actors, designers, and techs; buy that extra set piece, rent the venue for another night, use your budget to make theatre!


Volunteering? Your first time marketing a show? No prob.

No idea what "1200x300px" or "72ppi" means? We'll walk you through it and answer any questions you have, so you can create an ad that looks great, speaks to your audience, and gets your show noticed.

Whether you're new to marketing, or have been your company's Director of Audience Engagement for years, you can always expect prompt, friendly, professional, and personalized responses every single time you choose to work with us.