Nashville Theatres List

On this page you'll find a list of links to every theatre company operating near Nashville, Tennessee. We first posted the Nashville Theatres List in 2011 on our old theatre company's website: Nashville Stagecraft. Since then, the website's ever increasing traffic - not to mention weekly emails from visitors - has convinced us it's still a valuable resource.

We created the list because we believe that it should be easy for anyone to access the world of theatre, whether as an artist, technician, student, or audience member. So, below you'll find links to every Nashville and Middle Tennessee theatre company we're aware of, including non-profit theatre companies, professional repertory theatres, college theatre programs, community theatres, church theatre groups, musical theatre, professional acting studios, Equity houses, circus artists, puppetry, improv troupes, theatre festivals, variety shows, poetry slams, storytellers, avant-guard performance artists, and more!

If you know a Nashville theatre company, large or small, that's missing from this list, please fill out the form below and we'll gladly post it!